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First Ismaili centre in Tajikistan - 2003-09-01

His Highness the Aga Khan at the Opening Ceremony of Ismaili Center Dushanbe with President Imamoli Rakhmonov 2003-09-01

The foundation stone of The Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe was laid on Monday afternoon by Tajikistan's President Emomali Rahmonov on a 25,500 square-metre site in the centre of the city.President Rahmonov underlined the commitment of his government to provide enabling conditions for the development of institutions promoting 'freedom of conscience, pluralism and faith' as well as 'exchange of opinions and national accord in society.'

Address at the Foundation Stone Ceremony of The Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe - 2003-08-30


Your Excellency President Rahmonov,
Your Worship the Mayor of Dushanbe,
Your Excellencies,
Distinguished Guests,

This ceremony represents a milestone in the history of the Ismaili Muslim Community’s presence in Central Asia, a presence which dates back to the second century of Islam. For me personally, as the 49th hereditary Imam of the Ismailis, this is a day of great happiness. It is also fitting that the foundation ceremony of a landmark cultural and religious centre should coincide with the celebration of the one thousandth anniversary of the birth of Syedna Nasir Khusraw.

Aga Khan at the International Fresh Water Forum - 2003-08-29

H.H. The Aga Khan, arrived at 5:00 PM at the Dushanbe Airport on August 29 where a large crowd was waiting to welcome him.On 30th of August, he attended the Dushanbe International Fresh Water Forum which is one of the main event of this 2003 Water Year. The Forum is held from 29th August to September 1st and the whole city is filled with boards and colourful reminders of this event.



His Highness the Aga Khan today launched a landmark cultural centre here marking a milestone in the 1300 year history of the Ismaili Muslim community in Central Asia.
The Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe, when completed, will be comparable in scope and standing to existing major centres in London, Vancouver and Lisbon and those at advanced planning stages in Toronto and Dubai.

Tajikistan receives equipment to monitor Lake Sarez flood threat

The Swiss Fela company has recently delivered satellite equipment for a monitoring system and for early warnings at Lake Sarez [over 3,000 m up in the Pamirs in eastern Tajikistan] to Tajikistan, Rustam Bobojonov, coordinator of a World Bank project on reducing the risk of Lake Sarez overflow, told Avesta on 4 August.He said the total cost of the equipment is 1.5m dollars.

Tajikistan starts flights to Kabul, plans more bridges to Afghanistan

Tajikistan's national airline on Thursday began passenger service to Afghanistan and officials announced plans to build five bridges connecting the countries.
Both moves apparently reflect increased confidence in Afghanistan's stability following the fall of the Taliban and growing recognition of Tajikistan's importance as a conduit for aid and materiel badly needed by Afghanistan.
The Tajikistan Airlines decision to open service between Dushanbe and Kabul, the Afghan capital, was largely in response to demand by businessmen, airline officials said. The flights are expected to go once a week.

TAJIKISTAN: World Bank installs early warning system at Lake Sarez


Special equipment for monitoring the situation around Lake Sarez in eastern Tajikistan is now being installed by a World Bank project working on risk mitigation in the area, a step to ensure early warning for the vulnerable population in the region.'This equipment is for monitoring the situation around Lake Sarez, the dam and the Bartang valley, including seismic activity, landslides, water, wind speed and so on,' Rustam Bobojonov, a coordinator for the World Bank's Lake Sarez risk mitigation project, told IRIN from the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, on Thursday.

Text of report by the Tajik news agency

Two experts from the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) are in [Tajikistan's] Mountainous Badakhshon Autonomous Region to see for themselves the condition of the Pamir-1 hydroelectric power station, particularly its tunnel, Asia-Plus learnt from an official from the organization, Matthew Scanlon. He said that AKFED intends to provide Pamir-1 with financial assistance as its first investment. The funds will be used to buy spare parts for turbines, a transformer and other components, and also to prepare for the autumn and winter seasons.

World: Middle East Delights of Muslim architecture-1998-10-09


Winners of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture have been presented with their prizes at a ceremony at the Alhambra Palace, in Grenada, Spain.

Pakistani architect Nayyar Ali-Dada: Is there such a thing as Islamic architecture?
The award, established in 1977, aims to encourage architecture which respects the traditions of Muslim societies while responding creatively to the changing needs in the industrialised Islamic world.

The seven winning projects, chosen from 424 entries, were:

* Restoration of Hebron's old town on the West Bank

The News, Karachi - Tuesday, October 6, 1998 A Tajik interlude-1998-10-06

The News, Karachi

Shortly after we checked in at Hotel Tajikistan in Dushanbe, it shook. But this tremor was quickly dissolved into a rush of intellectual as well as emotional vibrations as we embarked on a remarkable journey of discovery. And while the sojourn in Tajikistan, which lasted for more than ten days, was designed around the visit there of the Aga Khan, with specific focus on the activities of the Aga Khan Development Network, I could not help looking at everything with reference to what is happening in Pakistan. We know about the great battles of history that have been fought in Central Asia.

Ismailis' Leader Aga Khan IV to Visit Tajikistan.-1998-09-16


The Tajik government and the spiritual leader of the world's Ismailis Aga Khan IV will discuss cooperation prospects during the latter's visit to the republic beginning on September 21.

Deputy chairman of the Tajik parliament Kozidavlat Komdodov told Itar-Tass that during the visit which will last until September 28, the Imam of the world's Ismailis will meet President Emomali Rakhmonov, the leadership of the commission for national reconciliation and government ministers.

Aga Khan IV will also meet Ismailis who live on the territory of the Gorno-Badakhshan region of Tajikistan.

Aga Khan in Tajikistan 1998 - Description-1998-09-29

I am forwarding you the description of the Tajik Padhramni as received. The message came in a mix of Pidjin English and Russian and we have translated it. Umed attended several Didars and has got infos on the others from his friends. He has presented a mix of observations from notes and memory and I hope the translation, though not perfect, is close to his text.

There were a lot of Irshads and Hidayats in the last few days, it was overwhelming!

21 sept-23 sept

Mowlana Shah Karim, Aga Khan IV, arrived in Dushanbe to meet with President, and leader of the opposition.

24 sept


In a powerful appeal to all Muslims in Afghanistan, Shia and Sunni alike, His Highness the Aga Khan, Imam (spiritual leader) of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, outlined a basis for constructing a new and more stable civil order in Central Asia.

"All Afghans should, as promptly as possible, re-establish open and brotherly dialogue among themselves, as our Faith instructs us to do, so that Islam's ethic of peace becomes a national reality." "We are not allowed to live in hate."

Aga Khan calls for Afghan dialogue-1998-09-28


In an appeal to all Muslims in Afghanistan, Shia and Sunni alike, the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Ismailis, recently outlined a basis for constructing a more stable civil order in Central Asia.

"All Afghans should, as promptly as possible, re-establish open and brotherly dialogue among themselves, as our faith instructs us to do, so that Islam's ethic of peace becomes a national reality. We are not allowed to live in hate."

Aga Khan Calls for Dialogue-1998-09-28


"All the Afghans should
promptly resume an open and fraternal dialogue, thereby turning
Islamic peace ethics into a national reality and putting an end to
hatred and division," Ismailite spiritual leader Aga Khan the Fourth
said during a meeting with people from the Gorno-Badakhshan
Autonomous Region of Tajikistan and the Afghan representatives,
who had arrived there from the neighbouring country.

Imam Aga Khan had spent one week in the republic at the

Aga Khan addresses thousands in Tajikistan-1998-09-24

BBC World Service

The leader of the world's Ismaili community, the Aga Khan -- who's visiting Tajikistan -- has addressed a crowd of more than eighty-thousand followers in the Pamir mountains.

It's only the second time that the Aga Khan has visited Tajikistan and many people slept overnight in the mountain valley ready for his arrival.

In a speech the Aga Khan called on Muslims to stop fighting each other and said that his greatest wish was for peace.


Your Excellency President Rakhmonov, Your Excellency Deputy Chairman Koimdodov for the Majlisi Olli, Your Excellency Chairman Nyazmamadov, Your Excellency the Mayor, distinguished guests.

We gather this afternoon to open the first formal educational program undertaken by the Aga Khan Development Network in Central Asia. I thank you President Rakhmonov for your kind words on this special occasion and for your encouragement.



Your Excellency President Rakhmonov, your Excellency Deputy Chairman Koimdodov of the Majilis Olli, your Excellency Chairman Nyazmamadov, Distinguished guests

President Rakhmonov, I want to thank you again for the warm and generous welcome and hospitality you have extended to Me since My arrival in Tajikistan.

Your words have touched Me deeply, and I would like everyone to know that though results have been achieved in our common programs, those sorts of results cannot be achieved unless the people who take decisions not only work together but are genuine friends.

Roof of the world' survival-1998-09-24

BBC world

The people of the Pamirs are cut off from the rest of the world for months on end

An ambitious project is underway in the remote region of the Pamir mountains to help the mountain people fend for themselves.

For decades the mountain range, which is described by the Tajiks as "the roof of the world", was dependent on Moscow for survival.

But when the Soviet Union collapsed, the Aga Khan foundation stepped in to fill the gap. It is now trying to teach the people self-sufficiency.

Aga Khan welcomed in Tajikistan-1998-09-24

Darwaz bridge to strengthen commercial ties and Tajik-Afghan ...Aga Khan and President Rakhmonov of Tajikistan
BBC World Service

The leader of the world's Ismaili community, the Aga Khan, has been welcomed by thousands of his followers at the start of a visit to the Pamir mountains of eastern Tajikistan.

On his arrival at the region's only airport, the Aga Khan was given the traditional welcome -- he was offered salt and bread.

Later in the region's capital, Khorog, schoolchildren waved flowers and chanted songs in his honour.

The Ismaili community like other groups in Tajikistan has been severely affected by the civil war which followed independence.

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