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Hazar Imam in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Hazar Imam in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Hazar Imam at Water Conference in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Hazar Imam joins leaders of Tajikistan and Afghanistan to lay foundation of fifth cross-border bridge 2011-10-31

Mawlana Hazar Imam, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon and Afghan Minister of Public Works Abdulkudus Hamidi 2011-10-31

Showun, Shurobod District, Tajikistan, 31 October 2011 — Mawlana Hazar Imam, together with the President of Tajikistan, His Excellency Emomali Rahmon, and Afghanistan’s Minister of Public Works His Excellency Abdulkudus Hamidi, performed the foundation-stone ceremony for the Shurobod Bridge today. The bridge is the fifth to be built in partnership with the Aga Khan Development Network, and will connect the Shurobod District of Khatlon Region in Tajikistan with the Khohon Province of Afghanistan.

The Aga Khan's tightrope walk in Tajikistan 2013-08-31


The Pamiri spiritual leader risks state alienation as tension over regional autonomy rumbles on.

To much of the world, the Aga Khan is famous as a celebrity royal, with a jetsetting lifestyle, a personal fortune estimated by Forbes at about $800m - including a $150m yacht - and Rita Hayworth as a stepmother.

H.H The Aga Khan IV Inaugurated Dushanbe Serena Hotel 2011-10-31

H.H. The Aga Khan and President Emomali Rahmon at the inauguration of the Dushane Serena Hotel
in Aga Khan Development, International Visits, Projects

The Aga Khan arrived in Tajikistan today accompagnied with Prince Rahim and Prince Amyn for the inauguration of the Dushanbe Serena Hotel. On October 31, His Highness the Aga Khan and President Emomali Rahmon will attend the groundbreaking ceremony for construction of a new Tajik-Afghan bridge over the Panj River in Shouroobod district.

Prince Amyn Mohamed Aga Khan gave an address followed by H.H. The Aga Khan and President Rahmon of Tajikistan

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Aga Khan's Philanthropy in Tajikistan - 2010-09-22


In Tajikistan, the Aga Khan’s philanthropy and investment has raised hospitals, hotels, colleges, crops – and in some quarters, suspicion. This is the fifth story in a series of articles on philanthropy in TOL’s coverage area.

DUSHANBE | On a sunny day in late October 2006, Shah Karim al-Hussayni, better known as the Aga Khan IV, stepped on to the newly built Ishkashim Bridge over the Panj River and made a speech that was heard simultaneously in Tajikistan and Afghanistan, the countries on either side.

A Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Aga Khan's Philanthropy in Tajikistan - 2010-09-22

2009 pamir-agakhan.jpg

In Tajikistan, the Aga Khan’s philanthropy and investment has raised hospitals, hotels, colleges, crops – and in some quarters, suspicion. This is the fifth story in a series of articles on philanthropy in TOL’s coverage area.

The hope remains in Tajikistan that, like the bridges he and his organization have built between their country and Afghanistan, between philanthropy and profit, the Aga Khan can build a bridge that links different Muslim communities – and benefits both sides.

Prince Amyn Aga Khan in Dushanbe - 2008-10-21

October 21, 2008, Asia-Plus -- Prince Amyn Aga Khan, younger brother of His Highness the Aga Khan, is arriving in Dushanbe today afternoon for a short visit, according to the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) Dushanbe Office. During his stay in Dushanbe, Prince Amyn Aga Khan is expected to review AKDN programs in Tajikistan, including project for construction of the Dushanbe Serena Hotel. http://www.asiaplus.tj/en/news/16/40764.html [Author: Victoria Naumova]

His Highness the Aga Khan, will arrive in Tajikistan on October 31 for a five-day visit - 2008-10-22

2008, October 22: Asia-Plus - His Highness the Aga Khan, will arrive in Tajikistan on October 31 for a five-day visit.

The Aga Khan in Tajikistant - 2008-11-02

2008, November 2. Prince Aga Khan Prince arrived to Tajikistan on October 31 at the invitation of the Tajik Government. On November 5 Prince Aga Khan will arrive in Kyrgyzstan to visit construction of Aga Khan University in Naryn oblast. kabar.kg

Prince Rahim Aga Khan in Tajikistan - 2009-06-01

June 1, 2009: Dushanbe, Tajikistan - Asia-Plus -- Prince Rahim Aga Khan, first son of His Highness the Aga Khan, Imam (spiritual leader) of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, is arriving in Tajikistan tomorrow on a three-working visit. Read the news [here] [Photos]

H.H. the Aga Khan opens Ismaili Center in Dushanbe - 2009-10-12

2009, October 12: DUSHANBE, Tajikistan - Asia-Plus -- President Emomali Rahmon and His Highness the Aga Khan, the Spiritual Leader of the Shia Ismaili Muslims, officially opened The Ismaili Center in Dushanbe today afternoon. The opening ceremony was attended by high-ranking Tajik state officials. [More on this visit]

Ismaili Center in Dushanbe

The Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe was opened on 12 October 2009 by His Excellency Emomali Rahmon, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, and Mawlana Hazar Imam. It was the first such Centre in Central Asia — a region that has been home to Ismaili Muslims for more than a thousand years.

University of Central Asia

In 1994, President Rakhmonov of Tajikistan and His Highness the Aga Khan conceived the idea of a new university designed to address the unique educational, economic and cultural needs of mountain communities.


Self-reliance, productivity, compassion and thoughtful concern characterize the first programs initiated by Mawlana Hazar Imam for the betterment of the people of Tajikistan and for the deepening of contacts with the jamat in that country. These programs and contacts take place, however, at a time when Tajikistan is experiencing profound political and economic changes.

Tajikistan receives equipment to monitor Lake Sarez flood threat - 2004-08-04

The Swiss Fela company has recently delivered satellite equipment for a monitoring system and for early warnings at Lake Sarez [over 3,000 m up in the Pamirs in eastern Tajikistan] to Tajikistan, Rustam Bobojonov, coordinator of a World Bank project on reducing the risk of Lake Sarez overflow, told Avesta on 4 August.He said the total cost of the equipment is 1.5m dollars.

Tajikistan starts flights to Kabul, plans more bridges to Afghanistan - 2002-03-28

Tajikistan's national airline on Thursday began passenger service to Afghanistan and officials announced plans to build five bridges connecting the countries.
Both moves apparently reflect increased confidence in Afghanistan's stability following the fall of the Taliban and growing recognition of Tajikistan's importance as a conduit for aid and materiel badly needed by Afghanistan.
The Tajikistan Airlines decision to open service between Dushanbe and Kabul, the Afghan capital, was largely in response to demand by businessmen, airline officials said. The flights are expected to go once a week.

TAJIKISTAN: World Bank installs early warning system at Lake Sarez - 2004-08-04


Special equipment for monitoring the situation around Lake Sarez in eastern Tajikistan is now being installed by a World Bank project working on risk mitigation in the area, a step to ensure early warning for the vulnerable population in the region.'This equipment is for monitoring the situation around Lake Sarez, the dam and the Bartang valley, including seismic activity, landslides, water, wind speed and so on,' Rustam Bobojonov, a coordinator for the World Bank's Lake Sarez risk mitigation project, told IRIN from the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, on Thursday.

Text of report by the Tajik news agency - 2001-08-31

Two experts from the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) are in [Tajikistan's] Mountainous Badakhshon Autonomous Region to see for themselves the condition of the Pamir-1 hydroelectric power station, particularly its tunnel, Asia-Plus learnt from an official from the organization, Matthew Scanlon. He said that AKFED intends to provide Pamir-1 with financial assistance as its first investment. The funds will be used to buy spare parts for turbines, a transformer and other components, and also to prepare for the autumn and winter seasons.

Aga Khan Opens New Bridge Connecting Tajikistan, Afghanistan - 2004-07-06

The spiritual leader of Ismaili Muslims, the Aga Khan, today inaugurated a new bridge crossing a river between Tajikistan and Afghanistan.The 100-meter-long bridge across the Pyandzh river was created to promote trade between the two neighbors. It is the second bridge built in Tajikistan's southeastern Gorno-Badakhshan region and funded by the Aga Khan Development Network, which started funding developments in Tajikistan in 1993.

Aga Khan to lay cornerstones of Central Asia University - 2004-07-05


The Aga Khan arrived in Tajikistan on Sunday as part of six-day visit to that country and its mountainous neighbour, Kyrgyzstan, where he will lay the cornerstones for two of three campuses for the future University of Central Asia (UCA), the world's first internationally chartered institution of higher education.

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