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Event - 1981-02-16

President Zia ul Haq of Pakistan granted the status of 'The Aga Khan University of Health Sciences' to the Aga Khan Medical College and Hospital, Karachi, Pakistan. Hazar Imam witnessed the inauguration of the Aga Khan School of Nursing, Karachi, by President Zia-ul Haq. The school received subsequently an American Award.

Event - 1981-04-01

The School of Nursing of the Aga Khan Hospital and Medical College in Karachi won an 'Award of Excellence' from the Boston Society of Architects. (click here)

Event - 1981

In 1981, The AK Award got the American Graphic Award.

Event - 1977-12-08

Mowlana Hazar Imam invested with the 'Order of the Knight of the Grand Cross' by the Prime Minister of Italy, Mr, Guilio Andreotti. It is Italy's highest national award and was given in recognition of Hazar Imam's role played in the development of Sardinia's economy particularly in the field of tourism.

Event - 1976-02-24


Hazar Imam announced the institution of an international prize for Muslim architecture on the lines of the Nobel Prize, to be adjudicated and awarded in Pakistan. Mowlana Hazar Imam addressed National Council of Culture and Arts at Karachi. In an impassioned speech, Hazar Imam said: 'I fear the day when Islam will be our Faith, yet its outward manifestation in the buildings we work and live in, the works of art we behold and the music we listen to, will be dominated by foreign cultures .' Two years later, Hazar Imam established a Foundation called Aga Khan Awards.

Event - 1976-02-29

Declared at Rotary Club, Karachi, the inauguration of Islamic Award for Architecture.

Event - 1970-02-10

Begum Salimah with 12,000 spectators, watched a spectacular physical education display by students of Aga Khan schools at the Hockey Stadium. At the end, she announced the award of the Aga Khan Trophy to be presented annually to the school giving the best physical education display.

Event - 1968-03-14

Hazar Imam was awarded 'Honorary Membership' of Pakistan Medical Association.

Event - 1970-01-15

Mowlana Hazar Imam and Begum Salimah visited Pakistan. They were received by General Mohammad Yahya Khan at the Presidential Palace where Mowlana Hazar Imam was awarded the Nishan-I-Imitiaz. Later in the evening the President hosted a dinner for them. (speech)

Event - 1960-10-08

At Sarghoda, announced setting up of a public hospital and awarded of 50 scholarships for higher education, attended finals of All Pakistan Aga Khan Open Badminton Tournament.

Event - 1960-10-02-B

Donated Gold Cup to the Karachi Club for holding International Hockey Tournament at Karachi and awarded medals to the Pakistan hockey team who returned at world champions from the Olympic Games.

Event - 1957-08-12

Landed at Nairobi, first visit to East African countries as Imam. During this tour Hazar Imam was awarded the 'Brilliant Star of Zanzibar' by the Sultan of Zanzibar. (photo)

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