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Mother Language Day to be held in Nairobi

In 1946 Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah and Mata Salamat at the Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi
Sunday, 2021, February 21

International Mother Language Day in Nairobi

At the Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi proudly housed in in a building over 86 years old. It’s beautiful grey stones, weather worn are embellished by a date 1934 in English and in Gujerati.

In 1934 the building was complete, surrounded by the verdure of City Park and all the old trees surrounding it.

The the house burgeoning with young children and extended family.
The cassia were planted for their fine yellow blossoms.
Young children, adolescents, leaving for education abroad.
Then the building, now in transit became an education establishment. The fine bed rooms housing slumbering children, soon was abuzz with students, enthusiastic vociferous.

This was the wish of Walji Hirji, a pioneer and entrepreneur.
On International Language Day, the grounds are galvanized into activity. The cassias stand sentinel, their strong boughs having weathered time and tropical storms. The leaves of the cassia tremble in the breeze, dragon flies harbingers of good news fly abundant. The musicians strike up.

Could they but hear the stories the boughs of the trees hide secret?
The young students expound their knowledge of Russia,Luganda, Arabia, Samburu, Kenya and Gujerat too from where Walji Hirji came.

The students now a testimony to the education they have received. Their creativity, originality, costumes and Jewellery, culinary skills and music are on display.

History is unfolding before our eyes. The progress of the Academy, the desire of Walji Hirji, the vision of our Imam, the Aga Khan and the hopes and aspirations of the faculty, aims and ambitions of the students, all being met here.

Diversity, pluralism and global impact in local action, all fulfilled.
Language has power, English alone cannot touch the nuances of mother tongue.
In globalization to keep sacred the magic of mother tongue, it’s oral history, song, dance and food is vital.

Bravo to the Aga Khan Academy for bring this to our consciousness and implementing its significance.

Valli Hirji Building Limuru Road
Sakina Habib V Keshavjee with Yusuf. Approaching MSMS
MSMS asked Sakina to bring Yusuf to him. Put him on his lap.
Noor Keshavjee took the picture
Behind MSMS Varas alibhai V Keshavjee. Ebrahim Nathoo ,
Tall Man Count Damji
In front of Prince Mukhi Nazarali Verjee
Kneeling BKS Verjee
Sitting corner right Sir Eboo Pirbhai

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