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Aga Khan acquires Palace to establish Global Seat of Imamat in Portugal 2016-04-18

Monday, 2016, April 18
Palace acquired by Aga Khan in Lisbon for the Global Seat of Imamat in Portugal

The exquisite Henrique Mendonça Palace in Portugal has been acquired by HRH the Prince Karim Aga Khan for a reported 12 million euros.

The stunning complex currently houses offices of the New School of Business & Economics (SBE), and could potentially serve as the global headquarters for the Aga Khan himself.

Though Portugal’s Ismaili community only comprises of about 10,000 residents, the community worldwide is estimated to be somewhere in the region of 15 million. It is speculated that from here, the Seat of the Ismaili Imamat will run the administrative structure to coordinate the huge Aga Khan Development Network.

Situated in an extremely exclusive neighbourhood, the Henrique Mendonça palace won the Valmor Prize in 1909, and is part of a panoramic green area of ​​three hectares in the heart of Lisbon.

Source: The Karachiite

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