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Princess Khaliya Aga Khan receives the Middelthon-Candler Peace Prize 2016-10-29

Saturday, 2016, October 29
Princess Khaliya Aga Khan with former first lady Rosalyn Carter 2016-10-29

The National Monuments Foundation, based at the Millennium Gate Monument in Atlantic Station, recently presented its annual Middelthon-Candler Peace, Justice and Millennium Gate Prizes during a gala at the monument. Philanthropist and former Princess Khaliya Aga Khan received the Peace Prize, which honors leadership in the promotion of fraternity between peoples and nations; former first lady Rosalynn Carter won the Justice Prize, which honors leadership in effecting positive social change; and Synovus Chairman and CEO Kessel Stelling Jr. got the Millennium Gate Prize, which honors excellence in the arts, sciences or business. The prizes were established to further foster action in the fields of peace and justice. Matthew Middelthon, the great-great-grandson of Coca-Cola founder Asa G. Candler, established them to continue the family’s stewardship of the arts and charitable and civic institutions in Georgia. The foundation also announced a partnership between it and Ledreborg Palace, with the Munro, Holstein-Ledreborg family of Denmark. The foundation plans to establish an endowment for its prize award, and will host its gatherings in locations where attendees are aligned with the mission of the prizes. It plans to alternate between New York and California for this fundraiser. To view a video of Khan being honored by the United Nations for her award, visit http://bit.ly/2eHtaAs.

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