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New Colorman e:line goes into operation in Kenya 2016-03-17

Thursday, 2016, March 17
Opening New Printing Plant in Kenya 2016-03-17
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The future-oriented newspaper printer Nation Media Group in Nairobi was convinced of the promising potential of the African newspaper industry and, therefore decided to invest in a Manroland Web Systems Colorman e:line at the end of 2013.

His Highness The Aga Khan presses the start button on the Colorman e:line in the presence of Wilfred Kiboro, Alfred Mutua, Joe Muganda, Gideon Aswani (covered), and Joe Mucheru (from left).
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On 17 March, 2016, the inauguration celebration for the printhouse building was held, which was constructed on the existing printing grounds in Mombasa Road especially for the new, ultra-innovative Colorman e:line.

New milestone for The Nation, Nairobi
Fifty-six years ago, His Highness The Aga Khan founded the Nation Media Group (NMG), the largest independent media company in East and Central Africa. Since then, the company has aimed to provide citizens with serious, reliable information allowing them to form their own opinions. His Highness The Aga Khan also emphasised the associated corporate policy in his speech at the inauguration, which he personally attended. For him and his company, the new Manroland Web Systems newspaper printing system going into operation represents a special milestone. Every day, the Nation Media Group prints thousands of copies of the Daily Nation, Business Daily, and the Taifa Leo, as well as the weekly The EastAfrican. In the future, they will all be produced using the new Colorman e:line.

Inauguration celebration for the printshop on Mombasa Road
On Thursday, 17 March, 2016, the event celebrating the new Colorman e:line was held on the Nation Media printing grounds. In the presence of His Highness The Aga Khan, the newspaper printing system was officially put into operation. High-ranking individuals from politics, including Dr. Alfred Mutua, Governor of Machakos County, and Nation Media Group CEO Joe Muganda, as well as the chairman of the board Wilfred Kiboro were all present. Manroland Web Systems was represented by project manager Dr. Ralf Schädlich, as well as Wolfgang Hiesinger, project manager for newspaper printing systems, who both arrived from Germany. The entire event was broadcast on African television, including live interviews. In addition to a speech by His Highness The Aga Khan, the event was accompanied by different lectures. The highlight of the supporting programme was the start-up of the Colorman e:line, initiated by His Highness The Aga Khan on the state-of-the-art Manroland Web Systems control console.

The Colorman e:line – a technological marvel
The new newspaper printing system can print up to 86,000 newspaper issues an hour, making it the fastest of its class. At the same time, the Colorman e:line in a 4-1 configuration convinces with top printing quality, outstanding automation, and a high degree of flexibility. ‘This is what we call future-proof,’ stated Wolfgang Hiesinger from Manroland Web Systems. Gideon Aswani, production director at NMG, underscored the production time, reduced by a tremendous 65 per cent, as a major advantage of the Colorman e:line. For Nation Media, this means being able to produce the same print run in two and a half hours, a venture that would have taken six hours before. Furthermore, the company has managed significant reductions in waste, saving them up to eight million Kenyan shillings annually.

Nation Media is especially proud of the newly purchased and exclusive functionalities offered by the Colorman e:line, including the production of special advertising formats such as booklets, super panoramas, Flying Pages, half covers, and oversized advertising spaces. This unique selling point also reinforces the excellent market position of the Nation Media Group in the African newspaper industry. With this support, a significant increase in the print run has already been achieved since the Colorman e:line went into operation. His Highness The Aga Khan has given special recognition to the Colorman e:line, referring to it as a ‘technological marvel’.

A glimpse into the future
Today, Nation Media is already considering expanding its newspaper printing system to include a sixth printing tower to exhaust the space available in the newly erected printhouse building and increase productivity. In addition, last year, NMG concluded a ten-year service contract with Manroland Web Systems, which includes employee training, process optimization, maintenance, and possible repairs, among other key features. Both companies expect a long, successful business relationship.

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