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Copyright Lawsuit: Defendants are continuously attacked, assaulted - 2010-12-31

Friday, 2010, December 31

Defendants Nagib Tajdin and Alnaz Jiwa have been continuously attacked and assaulted since the beginning of the Lawsuit.

Verbal and printed attacks against the defendants in Public and in Jamatkhanas are well-known. Reports of physical attacks are now coming to light.

Again, these attacks go against all of Hazar Imam's teachings. In light of the stand of the Imam during the Discovery in October 2010, there is no valid reason for these senseless attacks to continue.

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Alnaz Jiwa found Not Guilty in the Assault Case - Judgment 2012!
On May 30th, 2012 librarian-umed says:

Alnaz has been found innocent in the assault case.

it will be interesting to read the Reasons the Judge gave.

Alnaz, please share with us what exactly happened.

Best news
On May 31st, 2012 Bloglaw (not verified) says:

This is the best news I have had.Shukhr, Shukhr.

Leaders did not intervene in this incident, to resolve this internally, beause they were pushing these individuals to ruin Alnaz and of course Nagib. This incident happened inside the Jamat Khanna. The allegations were totaly false.I look forward to read the reasons.Thank you.

The power of MM and SS group did not work in this case to ruin Alnaz who would have lost his livelyhood. What are our Leader doing this for; Alnaz gave 78 books to Ismailies of Farmans which Imam wants his murids to have and which Imam allowed them to keep on 15 Oct 201o

Mawla knows and Knows best. Shukhr. Alhamdullilah

Kara recognized that he
On May 31st, 2012 librarian-umed says:

Kara recognized that he started the fight by hitting Alnaz and Alnaz had the reflex to throw back the plate in his hand in response.

That's what happened. The dispute could have been resolved out of court and the whole lawsuit was useless.

The judge took it as legitimate defense I think. That explains the Judgement. We'll know when we read the reasons in the judgement.

Alnaz Jiwa Not Guilty !!
On May 31st, 2012 Alnaz (not verified) says:

My criminal trial had taken place over four days in March of this year and the Judgement was today.

Six witnesses testified against me. Although two witnesses (in addition to me) were to testify on my behalf, after hearing the contradictory evidence against me, I alone testified in my defense.

The trial judge held today, after reading his judgment for about 35 to 40 minutes, that I was not guilty. He essentially rejected all of the witnesses' evidence respecting the incident that happened in Unionville JK, going over in details the evidence given by the witnesses.

The trial judge slammed Mehboob Kamadia's evidence the most, essentially pointing to him as the cause of the trouble at JK that night, saying that he exaggerated his evidence, gave false statement to police that night, that he speculated in one specified point without any evidence, and held that he was motivated by animus he has held against me for many years. The judge also rejected MK’s evidence that I threatened him that night.

With respect to Kara, the victim who was injured that night, the trial judge held that he was aggressive against me inside the JK as well as outside the JK and that he assaulted me by punching me (“series” of punches) and had to be pacified and calmed by others. The trial judge said that his hitting me unjustified and was unprovoked. The trial judge portrayed Kara also in an unflattering light.

Two witnesses had testified that they saw me grabbing Kara, and Kara pushed me away and in response I assaulted Kara. Both these witnesses’ testimony was rejected in full by the Judge and gave reasons why he did that.

Kara’s wife’s evidence was also rejected by the trial judge on grounds that she did not give a statement to the police the night of the incident and instead gave it after 15 months (during trial) and she admitted (on cross-examination) that in the 15 months she discussed “in details” the case with her husband. The judge held that he could not rely on her evidence.

The judge held that my response that night was proper and not criminal when I responded to the unprovoked assault on me by Kara, who wanted to break my teeth, to protect myself.

I have ordered transcript of the reasons, which I hope, this site will post after I get it.

All I can say is a very heartfelt to all of my supporters and Ameen to all of the prayers offered for me.

* Canada

Crabs in a Bucket -
On May 31st, 2012 bloglaw (not verified) says:

Crabs in a Bucket - Reminded me of our Leadership subculture ? This expression is used to describe a person (or subculture) that does everything in it's power to destroy the ambitions of those among them who wish to improve themselves.

It comes from the story of catching crabs in a bucket. When you catch a crab and place him in a bucket, the first thing he'll try to do is escape. Now, if you put two crabs in a bucket (hence the plural form of 'Crabs in a Bucket') and place them in there together, as soon as one tries to climb up out of the bucket the other will grab the escaping crab by the legs and try to escape itself, to which the process gets repeated to the point where NO crabs end up getting out.

Are our good leaders & down the line too busy pulling each other and the Jamat down ! That they do not realise that SS and Co are out of the bucket getting what they like materially and laughing at them ! ?

6 witnesses against you ?
On May 31st, 2012 asif (not verified) says:

6 witnesses against you ? And the Judge did not even have to listen to your witnesses to decide ?

looks like a conspiracy against Alnaz and others may be involved behind the scene ?

How can some Ismailis stoop so low ?

2 witnesses
On May 31st, 2012 am (not verified) says:

Can you share the names of the witnesses so the Jamat knows and to see who they are connected with and why would they do so ?

I was called to Toronto as a withness in the kuku paka case
On May 31st, 2012 Nagib Tajdin (not verified) says:

I went to Toronto as a witness to confirm that Mehboob Kamadia attacked me on Spark Street in Ottawa in the morning of 12 October 2010 after the hearing with Judge Boivin. And to confirm that he had a history of hate and hate provocation since a long time against both Alnaz and myself. [This is apparent in his proxy web site lawsuit 2010)

M. Kamadia whom I know since birth, and who is linked to an array of mass defamatory emails against me, was accompanied by 3 others of his gang in Ottawa, all coming from Toronto. If I would have reacted all of them would also have become witnesses against me. I did not give them this opportunity.

When we were kids in Congo, we were very good friends, I was helping with his homework and in turn he was not bullying me (like he was to other kids). When I published the first Farman Book (red cover) we parted as he was deeply hurt that I did not involve him in the project.

Sadely the same M. Kamadia organized the assault on Alnaz in the Jamatkhana and became the key witness that day. All the witnesses of the Kamadia gang contradicted themselves.

Mehboob Kamadia lied and denied under oath that he assaulted me in Ottawa but admitted taking pictures of me there and by that time his credibility was already zero. The Judge said there was no necessity to hear more witnesses.

Mehboob who had excited Kara against Alnaz and who was the real culprit, lost at the end his credibility and got burned in the fire that he had lit himself.

There is a French expression that says "Tel est prit qui croyait prendre" and "Rira bien qui rira le dernier". I am not sure how to translate this.

I think translation is
On May 31st, 2012 Bloglaw (not verified) says:

I think translation is "Don't assume or believe everything you hear " and "He laughs best, who laughs last"

If M Kamadia is angry with you, why does he and his gang attack and hurt Alnaz inside a Jamat Khanna He sounds as vindictive and arrogant as SS who also threatened you and is carrying that threat forward ? There must be others who are at best "egging" them on because, this gang or he also not make threats against Chatur too ?

I wonder if the Leaders will now do anything ? Alnaz and you have valid legal and moral claim against LIF and or It's Chairman, CEO, S Sachedina and M Manji for sending out the announcements and feeding the media etc.

I hope LIF and the Chair and CEO of LIF are reading these comments.

The translation is that he
On May 31st, 2012 librarian-umed says:

The translation is that he who tried to catch was himself caught.

Is not M Kamadia the same
On May 31st, 2012 integrity (not verified) says:

Is not M Kamadia the same who has made threats against Nagib Tajdin ? Why is he doing this ? He is certainly not following Imams Farmans ?

If the LIF announcement was not sent this incident would not have happened and the local leaders would have intervened ?

So is not LIF to blame ? or is it only the LIF Chairman and S Sachedina who sent it without a propoer LIF meeting, and Board minutes. ? If so this was unauthoried. This should be investigated Institutionally or by ICAB and NCAB.

@Alnaz Jiwa Not Guilty
On May 31st, 2012 Imani (not verified) says:

I am glad this has been clarified by you. There is a sick email circulating around in the UK regarding this incident and I hope the above judgement given by the judge will shut the mouths of those who are trying to gain unecessary attention.

* United Kingdom

"Kuku Paka" Case
On May 31st, 2012 Yasmin (not verified) says:

Ya Ali Madad. Will any damages, expenses, etc. be recovered from Mehboob Kamadia, since he "lost" the case? Thank You.

* Canada

Add to my comment
On May 31st, 2012 Yasmin (not verified) says:

I wish to add to my comment. Will the Mukhi/Kamadia of Unionville Jamatkhana take any actions against Mehboob Kamadia for causing "disturbance" in a place of worship, any action against Peel Police for "wrongful conviction", will there be any "restraining" order for Mehboob Kamadia? Thank You.

* Canada

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