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Are Farmans made Available to Non-Ismailis?

ITREB is manned 100% by ismailis who have taken the ismaili oath of office. The IIS is manned at all levels by many non-ismailis who are not bound by the constitution. Why then, are Farmans asked to be sent to IIS and not ITREB?

[Note: Extracts of Federal Court Transcripts of Cross-Examinations held August 2010 for Summary Judgement Motions in the Aga Khan Copyright Lawsuit
Sections starting with N. Tajdin #... Means Nagib Tajdin is the one answering questions in the next section
Sections starting with Jiwa #... Means Alnaz Jiwa is the one answering questions in the next section
Sections starting with Sachedina #... Means Shafik Sachedina is the one answering questions in the next section
Sections starting with Bhaloo #... Means Aziz Bhaloo is the one answering questions in the next section

Sachedina #14 -#19:
Cross-Examination by Mr Jiwa.
Q. Now, you said earlier that you did review some materials. Can you elaborate on that? What materials did you review? I heard you say something about the Institute as well, you reviewed some documents?
A. Yes, I have read through the Constitution, which was at the Institute as well. There's copies there. I have looked at all the materials vis-a-vis the farmans as well. Because from my point of view, the documents are also kept at the IIS as well, the final text that we also have there.
Q. So all the final text of farmans are kept at IIS?
A. No. At the Imamat level, at the Institute level, so -- and at the Department of Jamati Institution.
Q. So at the Institute, the final copy of the farmans are not kept?
A. We have a copy.
Q. At the Institute?
A. True, because --
--- The reporter appeals.
Q. And, I'm sorry, I'm actually lost. Is there a copy at the Institute or there's no copy at the Institute?
A. No. Farmans, as I said, once they have been approved and authorized by Hazar Imam -- Hazar Imam, which is His Highness.
MR. GRAY: H-a-z-a-r, new word, I-m-a-m.
THE DEPONENT: Once they are released by the Imam, we always have a copy at the Secretariat, at the Imam's office. We also have one at the Institute in our -- for archival purposes.
Q. You said one you have it at the Secretariat as well?
A. The 'Secretariat,' that means the Secretariat of His Highness, and the Department of Jamati Institutions.

Sachedina #208 - #214:
Cross-Examination by Mr Jiwa.
Q. But there are many non-Ismaili members appointed to the Institute?
A. Yes, only as part of the board of governors But the Imam -- the chairman is the Imam of the Time.
Q. I understand. The jamati institutions that we spoke with earlier that announcements are made in talika, those are all hundred per cent Ismaili appointees?
A. Correct. The jamati appointments are constitutional bodies.
Q. And in the Institute there are non-Ismaili who are appointed there, aren't there?
A. Yes, all the directors on the board of governors.
Q. And the employees, there are no non-Ismailis there?
A. There are people. But what I'm saying is this is an institution, and the centrality of its work a tariqa, but also other, Shia Islam and Islamic in general.
Q. But what I'm trying to say, and perhaps if you could just listen, is ITREB is hundred per cent Ismaili men?
A. ITREB is a constitutional body.
Q. Right. And hundred per cent Ismaili men; yes?
A. Correct.
Q. Institute is not hundred per cent Ismaili men. There's a difference between the two, isn't there?
A. But I explained to you the Institute has a board of governors and they have a staff with maybe Ismailis and non-Ismailis, but the Imam is the chair of the Institute.
Q. And those members who are appointed to the Institute don't take this oath of office that we spoke of earlier?
A. No. They are directors.
Q. Even the members who are appointed to Institute, those employees, they did not take an oath of office?
A. No. This is an institution for learning.

Sachedina #928:
Cross-Examination by Mr Tajdin.
Q. And you are -- are you governor of the IIS?
A. I am a governor of the Institute.

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