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The Ismailis of Afghanistan: BIBLIOGRAPHY

Makhzen Afghani (comp.in 1610) by Nimatullah, tr. By Bernhard Dorn, London, 1829,
Caravan Journeys in Persia, Afghanistan, Turkistan and Beloochistan (London , 1857) by J.P. Ferrier,
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An Inquiry into the Ethnography of Afghanistan (London, 1891) by H.W. Bellew,
The Kingdom of Afghanistan (Bombay, 1911) by G.P. Tate,
Afghanistan (London, 1919) by Sir George Macmunn,
Kalami Pir (Bombay, 1935) tr. By W. Ivanow,
Travels in Afghanistan (New York, 1937) by E.F. Fox,
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In the Highlight of Modern Afghanistan (Kabul, 1952) by Ahmad Ali Kohzad,
The Hazarajat of Afghanistan (London, 1956) by W. Thesiger,
Afghanistan (London, 1967) by Sir Olaf Caroe,
The Emergence of Modern Afghanistan (California, 1969) by Vartan Gregorian,
The Kingdom of Kabul (Quetta, 1978) by M. Elphinstone,
Afghanistan of the Afghans (Quetta, 1978) by Sirdar Iqbal Ali Shah,
Three Campaigns in Afghanistan (Lahore, 1979) by C.G. Robertson,
Afghanistan and Nepal (Lahore, 1979) by Niaz Ahmed and Manzoor Ahmed,
Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan (Praeger, 1981) by Lawrence Ziring,
Afghanistan (London, 1981) by John C. Griffiths,
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The Soviet Occupation of Afghanistan (London, 1984) by John Fullerton,
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The Tragedy of Afghanistan (London, 1988) by Raja Anwar,
The Golden Age of Africa (Calgary, 1990) by H.E. Mohamed,
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Power Struggle into the Hindu Kush (Lahore, 1991) by Karnal Matinuddin,
Chirag-i Rawshan (Karachi, 1994) by Allamah Nasir al-Din Nasir Hunzai,
The Oxford Encyclopaedia of the Modern Islamic World (London, 1995) ed. By John L. Espositone,
The New Islamic Dynasties (Edinburg, 1996) by Clifford Edmond Bosworth,
The Ismailis through History (Karachi, 1997) by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin Sadik Ali,
The Ismailis in Afghanistan in Recent Years (Islamabad, 1997),
The Hazaras of Afghanistan (Surrey, 1998) by Sayed Askar Mousavi,
The Taliban (London, 1998) by Peter Marsden,
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Taliban (New York, 2000) by Ahmed Rashid,
Nasir Khusraw (London, 2000) by A.C. Hunsberger,
The Encyclopaedia of Islam (London, 1913)

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