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Jamiat-i Islami: (moderate Islamists) Burhanuddin Rabbani formed it in 1972. Its recruits come from amongst those educated in the government religious and secular schools, the ulema in the north, mainly Tajik.

Hisb-i Islami (Hekmatyar): (radical Islamists) It arose out of a split in 1979 within Jamiat-i Islami. Its leader is Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. Its recruits are among those who were educated in the secular government schools and also some ulema from the Kabul region, mainly Pushtun.

Hisb-i Islami (Khalis): (moderate Islamists) It emerged as a splinter movement from Hisb-i Islami in 1979, led by Yunus Khalis. Its recruits come from those educated in the government schools and the ulema of the Khugiani and Jadran tribes as well as in the region of Kabul and Kandahar, mainly Pushtun.


Harakat-i Inqilab-i Islami: (moderate clerical party) It emerged in 1980 led by Mohammad Nabi Mohammadi. It gains recruits from the ulema educated in private schools, mainly Pushtun.

Jabha-yi Nejat-i Milli: (national liberation front) It was established in 1980 by Sibghatullah Mujaddidi. Its recruits come mainly from the tribe, the establishment of the old social order.

Mahaz-i Milli-i Islami: (Islamic Front) It is headed by Pir Ahmad Gilani. Its recruits come from the establishment of the old social order, the tribe of the south, mainly Pushtun.


Shura-yi Ittifagh-i Islami: traditionalist, led by Sayed Beheshti. Its recruits come from the Hazara peasantry, officered by the Sayed.

Nasr: Radical Islamists, led by a council. It gains recruits from young Hazara educated in Iran.

Harakat-i Islami: Moderate Islamists, led by Sheikh Asaf Muhseni. It recruits are educated Shia from all ethnic groups.

Sepah-i Pasdaran: Guardian of the Revolution, radical Islamists who depend very much on Iran, led by Akbari of Torkman and Saddiqi of Nili.

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