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Copyright Lawsuit: 5 minute meeting with H.H. The Aga Khan to close the case - 2010-05-19

Wednesday, 2010, May 19
Heritage News

Law Firm threatens defendants and acts on the threat!

Heritage News has found out that Mr Brian Gray, lawyer for the purported Plaintiff in the Aga Khan Copyright lawsuit, threatened the defendants to widely circulate a purported "affirmation by the Imam" while delivering the said affirmation.

Mr Gray could have used the standard line that noncompliance would result in further court proceedings, but he did not do that. Instead he opted for an unbecoming written threat to defame! This raises more questions about the origin of this case. Would the Imam allow such a threat? Can this have been an instruction from a usurper?

Heritage News has further found out that Mr Gray has started acting upon his threat by publicizing the said affirmation.

5 minute meeting with H.H. The Aga Khan to take His instruction and close the file

Increasing evidence shows that the whole lawsuit was launched without any direct instruction from the Imam

The defendants however, have found some common ground between the lawyer's demand and their position:

* The original forged letter, which Mr Gray believes to be genuine, clearly requires the defendants to confirm their actions directly with the Imam.

* The defendants, upon direct communication with the Imam are willing to stand by every promise in their defense.

* According to the Oxford dictionary, direct means in person and without intermediary.

Therefore, the defendants have asked Mr. Gray if it is possible to arrange a 5 minutes meeting with H.H. The Aga Khan for them to receive direct instructions from the Imam on how to proceed henceforth. They have also expressed their sincere wish to resolve the matter quickly, while ensuring that the Imam's interests are protected.

Here is an opportunity for Mr. Gray to do the right thing.

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