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The Concept of God beyond God in the Khat Nirinjan of Pir Sadardin

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  2003
Authors  Tajdin, Nagib.
Place  Montreal
Key Words  English; Full Text Online

DETAILS: "The Concept of God beyond God" in the Khat Nirinjan of Pir Sadardin". Montréal, April 2003.

The Concept of God Beyond God in the Khat Nirinjan of Pir Sadardin

[Full text is available for download in the attached pdf.]

A personal exegesis by Nagib Tajdin


"There were many ways to look at the beginning of this work. One way would have been
to analyze the Love Relation between Brahma and its Origin. The other approach would
have been to see it as an explanation of the Eternity and the Pre-Eternity through the
various Cycles of divine time that lead to the appearance of Brahma the Creator. A third
way to look at his would be to take it as a work that defines what happened between the
“Kun” and the “Faya Kun”. Another option was to approach it as the defining of the two
aspects of God in the work of Pir Sadardin. That is the one we choose here.

The Khat Nirinjan distinguishes itself amongst the hundreds of Ginans and Granths
because it is one of the rare works that courageously attempts to explain the beginning of
the beginning. The difficult task of explaining the origin of God is tackled in the most
simple and understandable way, and it is, but progressively, that the Pir Sadardin brings
the reader, through the knowledge of that dual aspect of the same God, to the knowledge
of the identification of Khat Nirinjan with the Imam of the Time."

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