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U. Dar Fazeelate Kamasukhan - Importance Of Minimizing Speech & Gossip

baat veegatkee khubee ye haye, ke jo koee thoddaa bole;
samaj beechaaree aysaa bole, thodde bolaneme(n) bhed sab khole;
thoddee baatme(n) arth samjaave, usakaa khub kalaam;
jo sunanevaalaa samaje, feer puchhannekaa na raheve kaam........291

The significance and charm of a talk lies in its's precision. One speaks thoughtfully and meaningfully in such manner, and by little speech reveals the entire substance. In few words he explains the meaning, his is indeed the proper speech. If the listener understands, then there will not be any need for a questioner.

bolanekaa ayb e hae, jo hove tuje bohot bolanaa;
khubee e haye jo thodde bolaneme(n), bhed sab kholanaa;
bhaaee ayeb he jo bohot bolee-e, or baat la(m)bee karee-e;
la(m)bee baat karanee chhoddo, rab farmaan aap shees dharee-e...292

The shortcoming of a speech is that, it makes you speak too much. The charm lies in speaking less, all essentials are revealed therein. Mistakes will arise if we talk too much, and make a big speech. Avoid making lengthy talks, this command of the Lord, retain it in your heads.

jo thoddaa bole so naa pastaave, thodde bolaneme(n) na aave chuk;
bohot bole so bohate chuke, pastaanekaa e hay saluk;
thoddaa bole so aap na pastaave, na usathee koee hove deelgeer;
e sunno sadaa deel yaad raakho, farmaayaa aap hazarat ameer.....293

If one talks less, he does not have to regret. By less talk there are few errors. By talking too much, one makes a lot of errors. This is a manner of regret. By speaking less, one does not have to regret, and no one is saddened by him. Listen and keep this in your hearts always. This is said by Hazarat Aly.

jeebhathee balaa aave, bujo sahee aadamee upar;
sabab e jo buraa bhalaa, hae bolataa dunee-aa bheetar;
jeebh deetee hae rabane, to hardam jeekar karee-e;
jeebhathee balaa to aave, jo buree baatme(n) paddee-e...........294

Through the tongue misfortunes arise, and know that in truth these will be upon man. It is natural for everyone either to speak good or bad in this world. The Lord has given us the tongue, then perform remembrance upon every breath. Misfortunes result from the tongue when one indulges in evil talk.

salaamateekaa kapaddaa paheno, jeesaku(n) mel na laage;
so jeebh haath paau(n)bee vaare, sab balaa to bhaage;
nahee buraa kahe na buraa kare, nahee bure tthaam jaa-e;
jo e sabathee salaamat rahe, to vaebee salaamatee paae..........295.

Put on clothes of safety, whereon no dirt can reach. (It implies) that the tongue and the legs should be controlled(i.e. not utilised for evil purposes), then all the misfortunes will run away. (in this way) the person does not speak evil nor does evil, and does not go to visit evil places. If one remains safe from all these, then he will attain safety.

salaamat raheeyaa vae aadamee, jo aap jeebh apanne vash raakhe;
katthan kuchh na bole, narameese baat sab saathe aa(n)khe;
jo buraa na bole keesee sa(n)g, to sab koee raakhe us upar maher;
jees moman upar khalakatkee maher, us upar khudaa na aaysee kaher......296

Remained safe is a person who has kept his tongue under control. He never speaks in a harsh manner, and talks softly with everyone. If he does not speak evil in anyone's company, then everyone has mercy upon him. The one upon whom pervades the mercy of creation, God does not bring him His curse.

jeebh chupeese purakh salaamat, chup raheneme(n) bohot hove gun;
jeebh baa(n)dho dheeyaan kholo, aap chup raho orkee sun;
bohot bole so ba(n)dh padde, jeeyu(n) popatt bul bul menaa;
bolan laage pee(n)jar ghaale, janaavar paase keeyaa hay keesakaa lenaa.......297

Keeping the tongue concealed(maintaining silence) is perfect safety. Keeping silent has a great deal of virtue. If one speaks too much, he is imprisoned, like the birds parrot and bul bul menaa. These birds are encaged because they talk a lot. Otherwise they do not owe anything to those who trap them and imprison them in the cage.

aadameeku(n) bhalaaee ees meene hae, jo apanee jeebh rakhe apane vash;
matalab jaruree baat kaheve, adakaa na bole saath kees;
jeebh vash keeyese aaraam kare, feerasate rab-bal aalameen;
jo ba(n)daa na bole to lakhanese chhutte, feerasate karaameen kaatabeen...........298

A person's good lies in controlling his tongue. He only speaks about essential and important matters, and does not speak anything more than that. Those who control their tongues are at rest, like the angels of the Lord of the worlds. If a creature does not speak, than he will be free from being accounted for by the accounting angels, Karaameen and Kaatabeen.

chup raheneme(n) badankee khubee, ke sukhasu(n) raheve teraa badan;
kaayaa nagareeme(n) tu(n) hay raajaa, eesame(n) do-e deen keeyaa hay vatan;
haradam rab dhee-aan lashkar raakho, jeebh chaaddeene chor baa(n)dho lee-o mulak-kaa haa(n)sal;
tosaa karo aap vaattakaa, to sukhasu(n) thaao jan-nat vaasal....299

In silence lies the charm of the body, that your body remains peaceful. In the city of the body, you are the king. You have made it your home for two days. For every moment keep remembrance as your army. By controlling your tongue and thereby tying the thief, you will rule the (bodily) kingdom. Maintain your path in this manner, then peacefully you will become a habitation of paradise.

salaamat rahe-aa vae koee, jeene na keetee geebat paarkee;
to sahee ganeemat une paaee, ma-aarfat seerjanhaarkee;
jeene peechhaane-aa allaahku(n), or bujaa ke e ba(n)de hay sab rabake;
vae naa keese buraa kahesee, or nekee karasee saath sabake......300

Safe have remained those who have not indulged in slandering and backbiting others. Then they have truly attained great wealth which is the gnostic realisation of the Creator. Those who have known God in this manner and have known that all are creatures of the Lord, will not talk ill of anyone, and will do good for everyone.

chup kar rahee-e chaaho na karee-e, achhaa hokar raheeye aap;
bohot bolame(n) ba(n)dhan aave, chaahenaa baddaa hae deelku(n) sa(n)taap;
bohot bole so bohot maar khaave, jeeyu(n) nobat maadal or sab saaj;
chaahenaa chalannee chodas bhattake, kamasukhan hae sabake seertaaj.......301

Remain silent and do not follow the desires(of the lower self), remain and live purely. Speaking too much results in bondage. The desires are the greatest miseries of the heart. One who speaks too much gets much beating just like the drums, tablas and trumpets. The one who follows the desires(of his lower self), roams around aimlessly, whereas the one who speaks less is the king of all.

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