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Chet Chet Baanaa Man Cha(n) Chal Karee Cheto - Translation

Chet chet baana


ho jeerebhaaire chet chet baanaa man cha(n)chal karee cheto
ane jab lag ghatt maa(n)he saasajee
bhaav huvaa pann bhakatee na hui
jeevddo utthee chaaleeyo udaaseejee

peernaa bodh geenaan veechaaree jenne bhed na
enne gaafale janam haraayaa jee
tenne paapie fokatt feraa khaayaajee..peernaa.....1

O living brother! Be careful be careful brother and by having an alert mind be vigilant. And maintain this state as long as your body has breath. You had the love for religion but did not practice it. Therefore your soul arose and left disappointed. Having thought about the 'geenaans'(wisdom and knowledge) of the Peer, the ones that have still not attained the mysteries or purpose of life, have indeed wasted this life in ignorance. By sinning they have gone through this cycle(of life) in a futile manner.

ho jeerebhaaire hee jug haatt paatt bajaar karee jaanno
ane sabjug vannjanne aayaajee
vannajee sago to vannjo moraa bhaai
naikaa khaasho fokatt feraajee...peernaa..........2

O living brother! Consider this existence as a market or a shopping street and the entire population of the world has come here to trade. If you can trade, then do trade(in spritually worthwhile goods), o my brothers, otherwise you will have gone through a futile cycle. Having thought about...

ho jeerebhaaire nayann bhee thaakee ne bainn bhee thaakee
ane thaakee te su(n)dar kaayaajee
janam bhom saghalee thaakee
pann ek na thaakee kuddee maayaajee..peernaa......3

O living brother! Even the eyes got tired, and even the tongue got tired and this beautiful body got tired as well. All of this life and the world got tired but one aspect did not get tired and that is the false love for this world. Having thought about...

ho jeerebhaaire aapannaa saameejeene saachu(n) karee srevo
ane deel maa(n)he veesvaas aannojee
bhanne peer sadardeen kabahee na haaro
jo joi joi paasaa ddhaallojee...peernaa...........4

O living brother! Worship your Mawlaa having considered him to be the Truth and have faith in your heart. Peer Sadardeen teaches that you will never fail if you play the dice watchfully. Having thought about...

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