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Event - 1976-02-24


Hazar Imam announced the institution of an international prize for Muslim architecture on the lines of the Nobel Prize, to be adjudicated and awarded in Pakistan. Mowlana Hazar Imam addressed National Council of Culture and Arts at Karachi. In an impassioned speech, Hazar Imam said: 'I fear the day when Islam will be our Faith, yet its outward manifestation in the buildings we work and live in, the works of art we behold and the music we listen to, will be dominated by foreign cultures .' Two years later, Hazar Imam established a Foundation called Aga Khan Awards.



Au terme de sa 4e journée de séjour en terre malgache, la délégation de SAR Aga Khan a quitté le pays pour rallier l'Ouganda qui sera sa prochaine destination. Quatre jours qui ont permis à la délégation, malgré le caractère strictement privé de sa visite, de discuter avec les plus hauts responsables politiques du pays dont le président du Sénat Rajemison Rakotomaharo, représentant le Président de la République Marc Ravalomanana, et le Premier ministre Jacques Sylla.

Event - 1983-02-23


Portugal. Visited the Gulbekian Foundation and Museum in Lisbon. (photo). Portugal's Foreign Minister, Mr. Vasco Futscher Pereira, paid tribute to the Ismaili community in his speech at the dinner he hosted. He said, 'It is with satisfaction that today we see the activities of the Portuguese Ismailis and thus witness to their spiritual leader deep appreciation of the Portuguese Government for their qualities of hard work, entrepreneurial spirit and their capacity for integration, contributing in this manner to the development of the country which has received them as friends.'

Hazar Imam attends the Installation of Frederic Mitterrand at The Academy of Fine Arts of the Institute of France in Paris

Hazar Imam at the Installation of Frederic Mitterrand at The Academy of Fine Arts of the Institute of France in Paris 2020-02-05

Farah Diba and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg attended the Installation of Frederic Mitterrand at The Academy of Fine Arts of the Institute of France in Paris, France. Farah Pahlavi and Karim Aga Khan IV were also present at the event. Grand Duchess Maria Teresa was received as guest of honor by Frédéric Mitterrand in the presence of many personalities from the political, cultural, and economic world. The Academy of Fine Arts (Academie des Beaux-Arts) is one of the five academies of the Institute of France (Institut de France).

23 January 2020 - Austria: Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan attended a climate initiative Charity Diner. 2020-01-23

Prince Aly Muhammad with his half-sister Princess Theresa at the Hahnenkamm Climate Charity Dinner, Kitzbuehel, Austria  2020-01

Kitzbuehel, Austria January 23, 2020

Prince Aly Muhammad Aga Khan, son of Prince Karim Aga Khan and his half-sister Princess Theresa of Leiningen during the Schwarznegger climate initiative charity dinner prior to the Hahnenkamm Ski Races (Hahnenkammrennen) at Country Club in Kizbuehel, Austria

A rare interview with the Aga Khan on poverty, climate change, and demystifying Islam 2017-07-11

His Highness Prince Karim, the Aga Khan, is many things.

“Virtually a one-man state,” as Vanity Fair once put it, he’s the spiritual leader of the world’s 15 million Shia Ismaili Muslims and a unique embodiment of the potential for East blending with West. He inherited from his Indian-born grandfather a dynasty that spans the Muslim world, but he is a British citizen, born in Switzerland, raised in Kenya, educated at Harvard, and lives in a French chateau.



Paris, France: H.H. Aga Khan attends the opening ceremony of the conference on global ecological governance at the Elysee Palace in Paris. Quebec Premier Jean Charest is seated next to Him. Four seats to the left of the Aga Khan is Prince Albert of Monaco. Credit: PATRICK KOVARIK/REUTERS

Event - 1970-01-01

Hazar Imam with Princess Salimah in Pakistan

January 1970 was the start of a significant tour in Pakistan. It was also the launching year of the Aga Khan Programme for Islamic Architecture.

Global Centre for Pluralism Announces the 2019 Global Pluralism Award Winners 2019-10-15

Hazar Imam with GCP Award winner and Princess Zahra  2019-11-20

Deborah Ahenkorah (Ghana), the Center for Social Integrity (Myanmar) and 'Learning History That Is Not Yet History' (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia) recognized as outstanding leaders promoting inclusion worldwide

MORE ON: http://www.ismaili.net/html/modules.php?op=modload&name=phpBB2&file=view...

OTTAWA, Oct. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - Today, the Global Centre for Pluralism announced the three winners of the 2019

Event - 1964-12-25


Arrived in Nairobi to attend opening ceremony of the Platinum Jubilee Hospital extension by President Jomo Kenyatta. Video link here: https://youtu.be/cENB1eSIIdg?t=14

Speech by Hazar Imam at the International Colloquium organised by The Institute of Ismaili Studies 2003-10-19

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

Your Excellencies, Your Worship, Distinguished Scholars and Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,



The Patriarchate of Lisbon and Aga Khan Foundation Portugal today signed a Partnership Agreement that provides the framework for cooperation in support of an innovative urban community support programme to address problems of social exclusion and poverty alleviation.

Event - 1981-12-16


Signed a Memorandum of Agreement with President Bok between the Aga Khan Foundation and Harvard University to mutually cooperate in the health and medical education development of the Third World. 'We are tring to to establish relationships in which we can learn from both Northern and Southern institutions.' Hazar Imam said (quoted by New York Times (click here)

Event - 1987-12-07


More than 60 architects, scholars and critics attended the seminar in Malta organised by the Aga Khan Award. In his inaugural remarks, the acting President of Malta, His Excellency Mr. Paul Xuereb paid tribute to Mowlana Hazar Imam's 'dedication to Architectural excellence..' This was not just an aesthetic pursuit, but 'a commitment to a proper environment worthy of human beings,' he said.



H H Prince Karim Aga Khan left Chitral in a satisfied disposition. At Garam Chashma and Booni, the Aga khan told his followers to live with goodwill and in harmony with their other Muslim brethren.



His Highness the Aga Khan, Chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) and Chancellor of Aga Khan University (AKU) today inaugurated the US $8.4 million Ibn Zuhr Building for Oncology Services at AKU

LINK 1: http://ismaili.net/timeline/2005/20051202harold.html

Aga Khan III Event - 1926-12-02


December 2, 1926 - Princess Theresa Magliano, second wife of Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III and the mother of Prince Aly Khan, passed away. She was a well- talented sculptor, widely known in aristocratic circles of Europe under her professional name of Yla.



Depuis son divorce en 1995, l'ex-épouse de l'Aga Khan consacre la plus grande partie de son temps à promouvoir l'association Village d'enfant SOS. A l'occasion de son voyade à Dharamsala, auprès des réfugiés tibétains, elle a été nommée ambassadrice internationale de cette oeuvre...

Annual Paris Peace Conference 2019-11-07

Hazar Imam welcomed by President Macron to the la Grande Halle de La Villette for the 2019 Pais Peace Forum  2019-11-12

On Thursday November 7, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon met in Pars with His Highness the Aga Khan, Imam (Spiritual Leader) of the Shia Ismaili Muslims and founder and Chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN).

In the course of the talks, they discussed issues related to state and prospects of further expansion of cooperation between Tajikistan and the Aga Khan Development Network, according to the Tajik president’s official website.

Tajik leader reportedly expressed satisfaction with the level and content of real cooperation between Tajikistan and AKDN.

Event - 1966-11-20


President Syed Mohammed Sheikh of the Comoros conferred the 'Grand Cross of the Green Crescent' on Mowlana Hazar Imam.

Event - 1978-11-20


Begum Salimah toured the Overlea Boulevard Secondary School (now known as Marc Garneau Collegiate). Mowlana Hazar Imam and Begum Salimah attended a grand banquet held in their honour. Banquet was attended by Government leaders, politicians, businessmen and diplomats and numerous important public figures at the Metropole Hotel.



2007, November 20:His Highness the Aga Khan, spiritual leader (Imam) of the Ismaili Muslims, praised Mozambique as a model of successful post-conflict development and hailed the country's economic performance and tenacity in overcoming difficulties. [Press Release] [Speech] [Article] [Article 2] [ Forum Mozambique] See links in http://ismaili.net/timeline/2007.html

Event - 1985-11-14


Mowlana Hazar Imam was Chief Guest at the 60th anniversary of the Aga Khan Maternity Home (Janbai), Kharadhar, Karachi. He presented a special award for the longest service at leadership level to Varasiani Dr. Shirin Lakhani. Hazar Imam also gave medals to volunteers, some of whom had given up to 50 years of voluntary service, to the Janbai Maternity Home. Hazar Imam said, 'The role of our volunteers in keeping that spirit of service alive, and in materially enabling our institutions to maintain their fabric and improve their facilities is beyond praise.' (photo)

‘the living sea’ and ‘among the giants’ by Prince Hussain Aga Khan

‘the living sea’ – general view, in front of the light boxes

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the living sea captures the fragility of our oceans with immersive underwater photography



2007, November 13:The Aga Khan today delivered a keynote address at a conference entitled, 'Central Asia and Europe: A New Economic Partnership for the 21st Century' hosted by the German Federal Foreign Office and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECA). The conference was the first major international gathering to review prospects for partnership in the region. [Speech] [Europe Channel] [German Text] [Full Text] [More Photos]

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