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  • If Mohammed and Jonathan and Njoroge can take School certificate together, the chances are that they would get to understand each other far better than their parents were able to.

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  • Our 40th Imam Shah Nizar II was on the Masnad of Imamat for 45 years from 993 A.H to 1038 A.H. Shah Nizar spent his life to a large part in Iran and Ismailis from Hindustan visited Iran for Holy Deedar. Shah Nizar was also known as "Ataullah" and his residence in the vicinity of Kohbandi came to be known as "Kohke Shah Nizar". This place also came to be known as the Darkhana where many Ismailis of Hindustan and Gurjistan came to reside. The wafat of Imam Shah Nizar II was in Kahek where he was buried. Sayyed Abdul Nabi who preached as a missionary and also composed Ginans lived at the time of Shah Nizar II

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