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The Vedas as Sources of Satpanthi Ismaili Ginan Literature, Khakee, Dr. Gulshan , Khojki Conference 1991 Proceedings, (2011) Abstract
The `Das Avatara' of Pir Shams as Linguistic and Literacy Evidence of the Early Development of Ismailism in Sind, Khakee, Gulshan. , Karachi, p.SERIES: Sind Quarterly VIII ; VOLUME: no. 2 ; PAGES: Pp. 143-155, (1980)
The `Das Avatara' of Satpanthi Ismailis and Imam Shahis of Indo-Pakistan., Khakee, Gulshan. , (1972)    Download:  Dasa-Avatara-Gulshan-Khakee-Thesis-Part1.pdf  Dasa-Avatara-Gulshan-Khakee-Thesis-Part2.pdf  Dasa-Avatara-Gulshan-Khakee-Thesis-Part3.pdf 
Note on the Imam Shahi Ms. at the Deccan College, Poona,, Khakee, Gulshan. , Bombay, p.PAGES: 143-155, (1970)

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