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Ismaili flag - It's Origin & Importance, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (2000)
Encyclopaedia of Ismailism, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , Karachi, (2006)
History Of The Ismailis, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (1998)
Dua - Namaz in Shia Ismaili Tariqah, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (2009) Abstract
Satpanth Literature in Khojki Manuscripts, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (1990)
An Introduction to Chogadia Ginans, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (1990)
Qalaam-e-Mowla - Text and Translation, Ibn Abu Talib, Hazrat Ali , (Submitted)
Some Guidelines for Cataloguing Khojki Manuscripts, Asani, Dr. Ali S. , (1990)
Allusions coraniques
ALI ET LE CORAN , Mohammad Ali AMIR-MOEZZI , (2014) Abstract    Download:  Ali_et_le_Coran.pdf 
Travel from Bombay to Najaf, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali; Mukhi Kassim Musa , (Submitted)
The Ismaili Ginan Literature - Its Structure and Love Symbolism, Assani, Ali. , (1977)
Ever Living Guide, Kassim Ali, M. J. , Karachi, Pakistan, (1955)    Download:  NODE 28900.pdf 
Sada-i-Haq: A Call to Truth, Gulam, Ali Shah. , p.SERIES: Dar-es-Salaam, (In Press)
The Bohras. Sahibabad, Engineer, Ashgar Ali. , Sahibabad, (1980)
The Origin of the Khojas and their Religious Life Today., Mujtaba Ali, Syed. , Untersuch, p.PAGES: 190 pp., (1936)    Download:  NODE 29256.pdf 
The Prince Aga Khan: an Authentic Life Story, Shah, Sirdar Ikbal Ali. , London, p.PAGES: 249 pp., (Submitted)
GINANS : Texts and Contexts : Essays on Ismaili Hymns from South Asia in Honour of Zawahir Moir, Kassam, Tazim R.; Asani, Ali S.; Boivin, Michel; Mallison, Francoise; Devraj Thontya , Mohan; Jani, Balvant S.; Jani, Urmila B.; Jiwa, Pyarali; Khan, Dominique-Sila; Purohit, Teena; Sheikh, S.; Shodhan, A; Surani, Iqbal; Tajdin, Nagib; Talbani,; Hasanali, P , p.226 p, (2010) Abstract
Chiragh-I-Rawshan - An Ismaili Tradition in Central Asia, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (In Press) Abstract
101 Ismaili Heroes, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , Volume 1, (2007)
Graves Visited by the Imams, Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (In Press)
Family Planning in Islam, Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (1981)
Horse-Racing in Islam, Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (In Press)
Ikhwanus Safa, A Rational And Liberal Approach To Islam, Engineer, Ashgar Ali. , (In Press)
Introduction of the Munajat (Ya Ali Khub Majalis), Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (In Press)
Introduction to Chogadiya Ginans, Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (In Press)
Isma’ilis: Their beliefs and practices, Engineer, Ashgar Ali. , (In Press)
Isma’ilis: Their beliefs and practices 2, Engineer, Ashgar Ali. , (In Press)
Mystical Elements in "Satvenni Motti", Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (In Press)
Origin and Meaning of the Title Aga Khan, Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (In Press)
Scientific Notion in the Holy Ginans, Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (In Press)
The Doctrine of Infallibility in the Isma'ili tradition, Engineer, Ashgar Ali. , (In Press)
The Ismailis of Afghanistan Mumtaz Ali Tajddin Sadiq Ali. Karachi, Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (2002)
Three Times Salat or Du'a, Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (In Press)
Travel Of Alijah Datoo Meru in Iran, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz Ali , Karachi, (In Press)    Download:  NODE 28242.pdf 
Ismaili flag - It's Origin & Importance, Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (In Press)
Ismailis Through History, Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , Karachi, (1997)
Jerruk and the Ismailis, Tajddin, Mumtaz Ali , (In Press)
Les sectes shiites, Nazar Ali, Hassan. , Tehran, p.PAGES: P. 83, (1980)
Les manufactures d'étoffes en Egypte au moyen-âge, Baghat, Ali. , p.SERIES: Mem. de l'Institut Egyptien, (1903)
L'Europe et L'Islam, Prince Aga Khan; Dr. Zaki Ali , Geneve, p.PAGES: pp76 Fr.3, (Submitted)
Glossary of Holy Ginan, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz Ali , Volume 1, Bombay, p.67, (1993) Abstract    Download:  Glossary of the Ginans.pdf 
Voyage of Pir Sabzali in Central Asia, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (2001)
Glimpses of Islam , Prince Agha Khan; Dr. Zaki Ali , (Submitted)
Jerruk and the Ismailis, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (1999)
Kharadhar - Oldest Jamat in Karachi, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , 07/2007, (2007)
From Satpanthi to Ismaili Muslim: The Articulation of Ismaili Khoja Identity in South Asia, Ali S. Asani , 2010, (2011) Abstract    Download:  2010-Asani-Khoja-Identiity-in-Modern-History-of-Ismailis.pdf 
Pir sadardin
Avichal Allah, Avichal Khalaq, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz Ali , (1993) Abstract    Download:  Avichal Allah Avichal Khalaq by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin.pdf 
1 ISMAILI PIRS, VAKILS & SAYEDS OF SOUTH ASIAN REGIONS , Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz Ali , Mumbai, p.94, (2015) Abstract    Download:  Ismaili Pirs, Vakils & Sayeds of South Asian Regions.pdf 
Amir Pir Mela in Sind & its Origin, Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz-Ali , (2007)

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