Copyright Lawsuit Motion for Dismissal: ANOTHER DELAY TACTIC - 2010-06-24

The Plaintiff's lawyer at Ogilvy Renault has asked the defendants to allow their Motion to be postponed so that the Plaintiff can have the time to file their own motion for summary judgment and both motions can be then heard at the same time. The defendants have said a categorical “no!” to this new attempt to delay the proceedings.

As usual, the Defendants expect that reaction to their “no” will be more threats, propaganda, defamation and slander but ultimately the defendants have told the Heritage News that they will comply with the Court process and the Law of the Land as required by the Imam in His Farmans. They said they will prove to the Court that the Aga Khan’s name has been misused and that the delays created by Plaintiff’s lawyers are detrimental to the reputation of all of the stake holders including the Ismaili Community at large and its beloved leader, H.H. The Aga Khan.

The fact that forgery of the Aga Khan’s signature was necessary on key documents in trying to convince the defendants and the Court, is one of the elements that they will point to the Court as supplementary proof that the Aga Khan has not initiated this lawsuit.

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