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Quiz on Ismaili History

When Prophet Mohammed's parents died, he was sheltered and brought up by Hazrat Ali's father. Who was Hazrat Ali's father? (Abu Talib)

Mowlana al-Mehdi has a private doctor who wrote several medical books. Who was that doctor? (Abu Yaqub Ishaq ibn Suleman)

Pir Hassan Kabirdin was the son of Pir Sadardin. He composed a 500 quatrain Granth named "Anat Akhando" which begins with "Ashaji" and that we recite every day in Jamat Khana. How many children did Pir Hassan Kabirdin have? (19 - 18 sons and 1 daughter)

Hazrat Ali married Prophet Mohammed's daughter. She was very beautiful. History tells that when she was praying her face was glittering. Who was Hazrat Ali's wife? (Bibi Fatima)

When Prophet Mohammed went on his last pilgrimage, he received a Divine Order to publicly declare a Divine Order to publicly declare Hazrat Ali's Imamat. Name the place where Hazrat Ali's Imamat was openly declared. (Gadir-è-Khum)

Pir Hassan Kabirdin had only one daughter. A Ginan was also dedicated to her. What was the name of Pir Hassan Kabirdin's daughter? (Baï Budhaï)

Imam al-Hakim bi-Amrillah is renowned for His great achievements in the fields of Architecture, Education and Sciences. What was the name of the Medical School founded in Sicilia by Imam Hakim bi-Amrillah? (Dar at-Tibb)

1000 years after Imam al-Muizz had founded the first University in Cairo, Hazar Imam inaugurated a university in Karachi. What is the name of the international University founded by Hazar Imam in Pakistan? (Aga Khan University)

What's the name of the Mosque which later became an international university founded by Imam al-Muizz in Cairo? (el-Azhar)

The 10th Jodilo, which is a Ginan written by Pir Shams, refers to the foundation of the Gat Pat in the spiritual world. Who founded the Gat Pat? (Bibi Fatima)

Who wrote the famous "Ismaili Qasida" which replies to questions about Creation, and which was commented on by two well-known daïs, namely Daï Nassir Khusraw and Daï Mohammed Ibn Sork of Nishapur? These two comments were translated into French by Henri Corbin. (Abul Haytham Gorgani)

An Ismaili jurist served the first 4 fatimid Caliphs of Egypt. He became very famous in the Muslim world. He is also the author of many legal and religious books, i.e. "Daim al-Islam" and "Asas al-Tawil". Who was the great Ismaili jurist? (Qadi an-Numan)

When Emir Afdal, son of Badr al-Jamali, betrayed Imam Nizar at the death of Imam Mustansirbillah, a famous Ismaili daï sided with Imam Nizar and founded the Alamût brotherhood. Who was the famous daï? (Hassan bin Sabbah)

A son of Pir Sahibdin founded approximately 70 Jamat Khanas in Sind. He founded the first Jamat Khana in Kotara. Who was he? (Pir Sadardin)

The previous Du'a, which was recited by Ismailis during several centuries, was very long and took almost half an hour to be recited. It summarized the story of Creation. Who composed it? (Imam al-Baqir)

Pir Nasiruddin's father was very fond of travels. He had established 84 Jamat Khanas in China. What was His name? (Pir Shams)

The Great Resurrection (Qiyamat al-Qiyamat) was the proclamation of a purely spiritual religion at Alamût, in 1164. What was the name of the Imam who proclaimed the Great Resurrection? (Mowlana Alazikrihis-Salaam)

The Medical Canon was used as a medical reference book for several centuries in Europe. It described many symptoms of known and lesser known diseases like cancer. It was written by a famous Ismaili philosopher and doctor at the time of the Fatimids. Who was he? (Ibn Sina-Avicenna)

Hazrat Ali had two well-known sons. One of them inherited the Imamat from his father, and the other received the Piratan and became the second Pir of Ismailis since Prophet Mohammed. Who was he? (Hazrat Hassan)

A famous encyclopaedia in 51 volumes was written by a group of Ismailis 1000 years ago under the supervision of Imam Taki Mohammed, who personally wrote the 52nd volume. The said encyclopaedia deals with Logic, Sciences, Mathematics, Medicine, Astronomy... What's the title of this famous work? (Risail Ikhwan as-Safa)

A famous Ismaili alchemist was the pupil of Imam Jafar as-Sadiq. He was known in Europe under the name of Jebber. What was his real name? (Jabir ibn Hayyan)

Whom did Imam al-Muizz entrusted the mission to conquer Egypt? (General Jawhar)

Where does the name "Khoja" come from? And what does it mean? (Comes from Pir Sadardin, and means "Lord, Master, Honourable Tradesman)

What is the other name under which Pir Mohammed Shah is better known? (Pir Satgoor Noor)

A famous book contains the sermons of Imam Mustansirbillah. It was given the title of Pir by the Imam. How is this book entitled? (Pir Pandiyat-è-Jawanmardi)

In every era, there is a Pir on earth. He is appointed for life by the Imam and for all jamats in the world. He necessarily comes from the Imam's family. Sometimes, the Imam keeps this position for Himself. Who is the present Pir? (Mowlana Shah Karim)

In 1899, Imam Sultan Mohammed decided to set up the "Sat Panthi Mission Society" which, in 1920, became the "Recreation Club Institute". In turn, the "Recreation Club Institute" became the "Ismailia Association". Today, the Ismailia Association has become the "Ismaili Tariqa and Religious Education Department". Name the person who was entrusted with the setting up of the "Sat Panthi Mission Society" in 1899. (Sayeed Didarali)

The Ismaili Fatimid dynasty ruled for more than 250 years. Where does the name "Fatimid" come from? (Fatima al-Zahra)

Who founded the Fatimid Dynasty? (Imam al-Mehdi)

As early as 762 A.D., Imam Jaffar as-Sadiq had sent 2 daïs in Mahreb in order to prepare for the arrival of Imam al-Mehdi. What was their name? (Daï Halwani and Daï Abu Sufiyani)

At the death of Daïs Halwani and Abu Sufiyani in Maghreb, Imam al-Mehdi sent another daï to finish their mission. What was his name? (Abu Abdullah as-Shii)

What was the name of the tribe that helped Abu Abdullah as-Shii to prepare the arrival of Imam al-Mehdi in Northern Africa? (The Kutama Tribe)

Where was Imam al-Mehdi residing before coming to North Africa? (Salamiya, in Syria)

What happened on January 15th, 910 in Raqqada? (Imam al-Mehdi was proclaimed First Fatimid Caliph and Spiritual Leader of


Can you name a town founded by Imam al-Mehdi in North Africa and which still exists at the present time? (Al-Mehdiya which became the capital)

Imam al-Hakim bi-Amrillah founded a mosque which became an international university in Cairo. Its library contained 2 million books. The Imam's personal library was composed of 40 rooms each one containing 18,000 books. Can you name this university? (Dar al-Hikmat)

Please name a town founded by Imam al-Mansoor (Al-Mansooriya)

Can you name three Fatimid Caliphs? (Al-Mehdi, al-Mansoor, al-Muizz, al-Aziz., al-Hakim bi-Amrillah, az-Zahir, al-


He was the first to receive the title of Vizir by Imam al-Aziz., and the first one to appoint permanent teachers at al-Azhar. He also was a great daï, a renowned jurist, and the author of many books on Ismailism. At his death, Imam al-Aziz. personally conducted prayers at the funerals. What was his name? (Yaqub ibn Killis)

The Ismaili New Year is celebrated each year the first day of Spring, on March 21st. From a spiritual point of view, it represents the spiritual resurrection of the soul. At the time of the first 8 Fatimid Caliphs, this day was a national holiday in North Africa. How do we call this New Year? (Navroz)

Mowlana al-Aziz. had a private librarian. Imam's library contained 200,000 rare manuscripts and an equal number of manuscripts could be found at el-Azhar. There were also 2,400 illuminated manuscripts on the Kuran. What was the name of the said librarian? (Al-Shabushti)

What was the name of the ismaili dynasty which ruled for more than 300 years in India, from 443 AH to 752 AH? (The Sumra dynasty)

A sect was born at the death of Imam al-Hakim bi-Amrillah. They considered Imam al-Hakim as the 10th and last Divine Incarnation on earth. According to them, Imam al-Hakim has simply disappeared and will come back as the Messiah. We can find a good many of them settled today in Syria, Lebanon and in some other regions like Iraq. What's the name of this sect? (The Druzes)

Who is said to have written the following saying: "He who points out your mistakes is a true advisor"? (Hazrat Ali)

Mowlana al-Muizz had a private doctor. He not only received from the Imam financial help for himself, but so did his two sons, who also became doctors. What was the name of this doctor? (Musa b.Aizar)

A famous Ismaili philosopher, born in Cordova in 1126, wrote comments on most of Aristotle's works. He was known in Europe under the name of Averrhoes. He was the author of the monumental "Tahâfot al-Tahâfor" in which Averrhoes follows step by step and progressively refutes Gazali's critiques against Ismailis. What was the real name of the Ismaili philosopher? (Ibn Roshd)

In some of this Ginans - in "Amar tè ayo" for instance - Pir Sadardin says that there was a king who was converted to Ismailism by his wife Tara Rani, and was appointed Mukhi responsible for the salvation of 70,000,000 souls. Who was this famous king? (Raja Harischandra)

At the time of Imam al-Qaim, there was a famous Ismaili peot, born in Rodak, who is supposed to have composed 1,300,000 verses. He was blinded by the Abbassids because he was Ismaili. Who was he? (Rodaki)

Imam Sultan Mohammed Shah had a Palace built in Poona in order to give shelter and employment to people during the long famine of 1900. This Palace was offered by Hazar Imam to the government of India in 1968 so as to have it transformed into a national monument. What was the name of that Palace? (The Yerowda Palace).