New Book Reviews:

1. Abumaraq, Salam: Israeli Archaeologist Discovers Islamic-Period 'Jesus Coins'.

2. Bloom, Jonathan M.: Writting Signs: The Fatimid Public Text & Fatimid Art at the Victoria and Albert Museums.

3. Bolle Kees W.: Devotion Divine: Bhakti Traditions from the Regions of India: Studies in Honour of Charlotte Vaudeville.

4. Christie, Jan Wisserman: The Medieval Tamil-Language inscriptions in Southeast Asia and China.

5. Crossley, Pamela K.: The Forgotten Queen of Islam.

6. Daftary, Farhad: The Empire of the Mahdi: The Rise of the Fatimids.

7 Gharib, Samir: The Soul of Old Cairo.

8. Emadi, Hafizullah: The End of Taqiyya: Reaffirming the Religeous Identity of Ismailis in Shughnan, Badakhshan - Political

Implications for Afghanistan.

9. Kelidar, Abbas: P.J. Vatikiotis: an Appreciation.

10. Langermann, Tzvi Y.: Alchemie, Ketzerei, Apokryphen in Fruhen Islam: Gesammelte Aufsatze.

11. Leaman, Oliver: hamid Al-Din Al-Kirmani: Ismaili Thought in the Age of Al-Hakim.

12. Littlewood, Roland: Social Institutions and Psychological Explanations: Druze Reincarnation as a Therapeutic Resource.

13. Markus, Kinga: Songs of Wisdom and Circles of Dance: Hymns of the Satpanth Ismaili Muslim Saint, Pir Shams.

14. Melikian, Souren: Broken Mirro of a Major Arab Culture.

15. Motani, Nizar A.: Culture, Transnationalism, and Civil Society: Aga Khan Social Services Initiatives in Tanzania.

16. Murphy, Richard Mcgill: Cairo: The City Victorious.

17. Nanji, Azim A.: The Bujh Niranjan: An Ismaili Mystical Poem.

18. Steigerwald, Diana: Faith (Iman) and Intellect (Aql) in Shiite Tradition.

19. Wadley, Susan S.: Rethinking India's Oral and Classical Epics: Draupadi Among Rajputs, Muslims, and Dalits.

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