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An ecclesiastic islamic hereditary dynasty descending from Ali, son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad. The followers of this dynasty split into 2 factions in 1094, the Mustalis and the Nizaris. Recognized by the Persian at the beginning of the 19th century and by the British in 1877. Today the Head of the dynasty is the religious leader, without territory, of 15 million people in Pakistan, India, Syria and Sudan.


Islam (Shia Nizari Ismailis)


* Head of the Sovereign Family:
HH The Aga Khan, Imam of Ismaili Muslims
* Other Members of the Sovereign Family:
Pce, Pcess ... Aga Khan

LAWS AND DECREES (including Sovereign Family House Rules) GOVERNING

* Aga Khan: title granted by the Shahanshah of Persia to 46th Imam Hasan Ali Shah, meaning Lord Chief

* Highness: title that first appeared in British official papers in Bombay in 1859, granted non hereditarily by the British to each Imam since then

* Prince: claimed by the Aga Khan on the basis of the Family’s belonging to the Persian Imperial Qajar Family. Pce Aly Khan was allowed the courtesy title of Prince by the British Government in 1938.


* Aga:

* Khan: Chief

* Muta: first practised early in the history of Islam, to allow Muslim warriors, separated from their wives for lengthy periods, to enter into temporary associations with one or more other women for a contracted, specified period of time and to legitimize the children of such marriages

* Mata Salamat: Long Live the Mother, name given to HH (the 4th) Begum Aga Khan III

* Om Habibah: the name of one of Prophet Mohammed’s wives, given to HH (the 4th) Begum Aga Khan III

* Sadruddin: Heart of the Faith, first name of Pce Sadruddin Aga Khan (see below, Son of HH The Aga Khan III)

* Shia: The party of the House of Ali

* Tajudowlah: Crown of the State, name given to Pcess Ali Solomon Khan (see below, Brother and Sister Living)

HH (5/8/1957) Karim Aga Khan IV, 49th Imam since 1957, founder of the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at MIT and Harvard Univ 1979, Cdr Légion d’Honneur (Fce) 11/1990, GrCordon, Ouissam al Arch (Morocco) 1986, GrOff O.National du Lion (Sénégal) 1982, Cav di Gran Croce della Repubblica Italiana 1977, Nishan I Imtiaz (Pakistan) 1970, GrCordon O.Taj (Iran) 1967, O.Croissant Vert des Comores 1966, O. Côte d’Ivoire 1965,GrCr O.Prince Henry the Navigator (Portugal) 1960, hon LL.D. McGill Univ (Canada) 1983, Sind Univ (Pakistan) 1970, Peshawar Univ (Pakistan) 1967, educ Le Rosey, Switzerland 1945-1953 and Harvard Univ 1953, °Geneva, Switzerland 13/12/1936, X Paris, Fce 22 (civ) and 28/10/1969 (rel) Sara Frances (Sally) Croker Poole, titled HH Begum Salima, daughter of LtCol Arthur Edward Croker Poole, of London, °1940 (X 1 1959 (div 1968 and annuled in the Catholic church 1970) Lord James Charles Crichton Stuart, °1935, +1982) (Geneva, Switzerland and Aiglemont, 60270 Gouvieux, Fce)


1. (by HH Begum Salima) Pcess Zahra, educ Switzerland, graduated magna cum laude Harvard Univ 5/1994, °automn 1970, X Château de Chantilly, Fce 21/6/1997 Mark Boyden, educ Oxford, °1962, from Dorchester, England

2. (by HH Begum Salima) Pce Rahim, educ Brown Univ in Rhode Island,°1971

3. (by HH Begum Salima) Pce Hussain, educ Williams College in Massachusetts, °1975


HH Begum Mata Salamat (Mother of the Peace), originally named Yvette Blanche Labrousse, named Om Habibah 9/10/1944, elected Miss Lyon 1929, then Miss France 1930, °Marseille, Fce 15/2/1906, daughter of Adrien Labrousse, by Marie Bouet (Villa Yakimour, Le Cannet, Fce)


Children of Pce Ali Solomon Khan (see below, Predecessors):

1. (by The Hon Joan Barbara Yarde Buller) Pce Amyn Mohamed Aga Khan, educ Le Rosey, Switzerland 1945-1954 and Harvard Univ 1956, °12/1937 (276 route de Lausanne, 1292 Chambery, Switzerland and 69, rue de Lille, 75007 Paris, Fce)

2. (by Rita Hayworth) Pcess Yasmin Aga Khan, founding (1980) Pres of Alzheimer’s Disease International, organizer of the Rita Hayworth’s Gala in New York and Chicago, educ philosophy Bennington College, °Lausanne, Switzerland 28/12/1949 (Geneva, Switzerland), X 1 Paris 5/1985 (div 1986) Basil Embiricos, from Greece, 2 2/1989 (div 12/1993) Christopher Jeffries, Head of the General Atlantic Realty Corp


Son of HH 48th Imam Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III:

1. (by Andrée Joséphine Carron) Pce Sadruddin Aga Khan, fmr High Commissioner for Refugees at the UN, founder of the ecological Fondation Bellerive 1977, Consultant to the Secretary General of the UN, with the UN since 1958, Olympia Prize (Greece) 1982, Hammarskjöld Medal (German UN Assn) 1979, Cdr Légion d’Honneur 1979, UN Human Rights Award 1978, Cdr Cr.with Star (Poland) 1977, O.Two Niles (Sudan) 1973, O.Royal Star of Great Comoro (Comoro Isl.) 1970, O.Homayous (Iran) 1967, GrCr O.St Sylvestro (Holy See) 1963, BA Harvard Univ, °Neuilly, Fce 17/1/1933, X 1 Château Bellerive, Geneva, Switzerland 27/8/1957 (div 1962) Nina Dyer, renamed Pcess Shirin (meaning Sweet in Persian), °Ceylon, +Garches, Fce 7/1966 (X 1 Bon Heinrich von Thyssen), 2 1972 Catherine Aleya Sursock (mother of Sandro Sursock who X Pcess Charuvan Rangsit, of the Royal Family of Thailand)


Kalil Allah, 45th Imam ....-1817, +(killed) Yazd, Persia 1817. Father of:

HH (c1859) Shah Hasan Ali Shah Mehalatee Aga Khan I, 46th Imam 1817-1881, Gov of Kermãn, Persia, °Persia 1800, +Bombay, India 12/4/1881 (bur Mazagaon, India), X (among other wives) Sarv I Jehan Khanum, daughter of Fath Ali Shah, Shahanshah of Persia (see IRAN, Qajar dynasty). Father of:

HH Ali Shah Aga Khan II, 47th Imam 1881-1885, °Mahallãt, Persia c1830 or 1846, +8/1885, X 3 wives, the 3rd wife being Shams al Muluk, °1850, +Baghdad, Iraq 7/2/1938, niece of HM Nasser al Din, Shahanshah of Persia. Father (by his 3rd wive) of:

HH Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III, 48th Imam 8/1885 (installed Aga Hall, Bombay 9/1885)-11/7/1957, First Class Chief of the Bombay Presidency with 11 gun salute 1916, Private Counsellor of HM The Emperor of India 1934, founding Pres of the All India Muslim League 1907, Pres of the Mohammedan Educational Conference in Delhi, GCMG 1955, GCVO 1923, GCSI 1911, GCIE 1902, KCIE 1898, °Karachi, India 2/11/1877, +Versoix, Switzerland 11/7/1957 (bur Aswan, Egypt 1/2/1959), X 1 Pune, India 2/11/1896 (div 8/12/1926) Shahazda Begum, °1880, +1922, daughter of Aga Jangi Shah, 2 Egypt 1908 (Muta marriage) and Bombay 23/11/1923 Theresa Magliano, nicknamed Ginetta, °1888, +11/1926 (bur Monte Carlo), daughter of Giovanni Magliano, from Turin, by Rosa ..., 3 Aix les Bains, Fce 7/12/1929 (div Geneva, Switzerland 1943) Andrée Joséphine Carron, from Chambéry, Fce, 4 Vevey, Switzerland 9/10/1944 Yvette Blanche Labrousse (see above, Grandmother). Father of:

Pce Ali Solomon Khan, Vice Pres of the General Assembly of the UN 1958, US Army Bronze Star, Légion d’Honneur, Croix de Guerre with palms (Fce), °Turin, Italy 17/11/1911, +Paris, Fce 12/5/1960 (bur Damascus, Syria 11/7/1972), X 1 Paris, Fce 18/5/1936 (div 1949) The Hon Joan Barbara Yarde Buller, renamed Tajudowlah, °1908,(X 1 1927 (div 1936) W/Cdr Thomas Loel Evelyn Bulkeley Guinness, OBE, +1988, 3 1986 John Seymour Berry, 2nd Viscount and 2nd Bt Camrose, Deputy Chm of Daily Telegraph and Morning Post, °12/7/1909 ) daughter of John Reginald Lopes, Yarde Buller, 3rd Bon Churston, MVO, OBE, ADC to Viceroy Lord Kurzon, 2 Vallauris, Fce 27/5/1949 (div) Rita Hayworth, actress, originally named Margarita Carmen Cansino, °Brooklyn, New York 17/10/1918, +14/5/1987, (X 1 1935 (div) Edward Judson, °1896, 2 1943 (div) Orson Welles, 3 (div) ;James Hill, 4 Dick Haymes) daughter of Eduardo Cansino, danser, from Seville, Spain, by Volga Hayworth, ballet danser. Father of:

HH Karim Aga Khan IV, 49th Imam since 1957 (see above, Head of the Sovereign Family)

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